Barley and Oats: The Lost Hope

Our fears reveal quite a lot about us. It reveals our biases, our phobias, weaknesses, and our privilege. What we fear sheds a light on the worst part of us. The really ugly part. There are conversations that I have had that come to mind. However, if I am too ashamed to share the worst… Read More Barley and Oats: The Lost Hope


Burdock: Everywhere & Nowhere

   If you walked past the farmhouse, past the barns, and manure pits, along the line of birch trees you would find what we called “The Gully”– a wooded ravine that spanned acres wide. A tractor trail knifed its way down, across the creek, and up to a hidden wheat field. The trail provided a… Read More Burdock: Everywhere & Nowhere


Black Pepper: The Stories We Tell

We all have a story that we would like to tell. The stories we choose to tell to our friends, family, acquaintances, and coworkers say a lot about how we would like to be seen. In marketing terms, our stories help create our brand. There are some that we frequently repeat when there is a… Read More Black Pepper: The Stories We Tell


The Knights Templar & The Avocado Green Rush

In 1099, a group of knights traveled to the Holy Land, banded together in a mission to protect Christian Pilgrims from pirates and gangs. These knights called themselves the “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.”  Obviously, the name was quite the mouthful and over time they became known simply as the… Read More The Knights Templar & The Avocado Green Rush


Coconuts For You

  Coconut farmers don’t make a lot of money. In fact on average they make so little that I really should stop complaining about how much I make. Approximately 60% of small-scale coconut farmers live in poverty. They make anywhere between $70 to $7000 per year. Let’s say that again. They make anywhere between $70… Read More Coconuts For You