Random Ponderings

Rupert found Kefir in my toilet.

There is only one good thing about paying your own utilities–you learn quickly how much energy, heat, and water you actually consume. You start to creepily stalk behind your loved ones turning light switches off, pulling out their cellphone plugs, giving them the evil eye as they attempt to raise the heat, “Put a sweater on!” And you try to convince them that flushing the toilet is overrated, “What smell? I don’t smell anything.” I am sure we would all appreciate having a low-flow, energy efficient toilet; however, if you rent or can’t afford an upgrade then flushing down litres of water every day seems to be something you have no control over. Well, cheer up, click here, and find yourself a 2L plastic container. Fill the container up with water (some articles suggest adding some pebbles to the container) and place it snugly into your tank. Voila! You have yourself a low flow toilet. With every flush you will save your container’s volume in water. Which means in one month each member of your household can save 265 litres of water. Wowzers! Now, is it pronounced kefir or kiefer?